Grape Expectations - Ep. 06 - The Beauty of Rosé Wine

When the heat arrives what comes to mind is "Rosé" and at Quinta da Pacheca the Pacheca Reserva Rosé Touriga-nacional has our special affection for being a wine that requires a lot of dedication and care during its entire process, from vinification to the moment it is bottled. Rosés, generically, are made in many ways, we chose the most difficult one to make. And why is that? Because, like the whites we make, we want a Rosé where the characteristics of red wine are not extracted, but where the freshness, the finesse, the elegance of Touriga Nacional (in this specific case) stand out. This wine, besides being treated exactly as if it were a white wine during vinification, at the end of fermentation is placed in 500L barrels. It finishes its fermentation there and is in the process of bâtonnage to gain structure and longevity until the bottling period. And what should we pair this wine with? Alone, it is very good, but having to choose a dish or dishes, our winemaker João Silva e Sousa suggests seafood or fish, no doubt, and essentially a very good company!

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