10 reasons to drink Port Wine in the Summer

10 reasons to drink Port Wine in the Summer

Since the Douro is the oldest demarcated region in the world, dating back to 1757, and Port being produced here, this is one of the world's famous wines.

Whenever we talk about Port Wine, it is associated with digestives and desserts, usually described as a full-bodied, sweet, aromatic, fruity, alcoholic wine... And it's all true, but none of this makes us think of summer, because ?

That's when two Ports appear that will surprise you and, after knowing the 10 reasons to drink them, you'll want them to be your company this summer – White Port and Pink Port!

Let's get to know the reasons why these are your new summer best friends?

1. Because it's refreshing.
We use these Ports in cocktails with lots of ice. Every sip will refresh the hottest
summer days!

2. Because it's innovative.
Using these Ports in cocktails opens up a huge range of possibilities for mixes that can be made, from other drinks, to fruits, to aromatic herbs! It all depends on how you prefer yours.

3. Because it's versatile.
It is precisely because you can mix with different possibilities of drinks that the versatility characterizes these Ports, you can choose a sweeter, more fruity, spicier, more alcoholic or less alcoholic cocktail. It all depends on what you like!

4. Because it's fashionable.

Who doesn't like to receive friends at home on a late summer afternoon and offer a colorful cocktail with an appropriate decor? Also, it always makes a good photo to share with friends.

5. Because it's good!
It's deliciously good. It's good to enjoy every sip, every conversation, every moment.

6. Because it's easy.
Just choose your Port and the ingredients to add and a little ice in the mix! Do you already know which one will be yours?

7. Because it's fun.
Anything we do that will bring us pleasure is fun to prepare. We all have a little bit of the bartender spirit inside us, if only to reproduce scenes from movies, like shaking a shaker. Truth or lie?

8. Because it's good for your health.

Did you know that wine has been proven to have cholesterol-inhibiting properties, which in turn help fight heart disease. Isn't it great?

9. Because it's cultural.
It's cultural, it's Portuguese. Anyone visiting Portugal should not leave without trying Port Wine. Why not drink a Porto Tonic on an esplanade on the riverside of Porto with
overlooking the Douro River or on a high rooftop in Lisbon overlooking the
capital or at Quinta da Pacheca itself, perhaps on the edge of the
pool or on the balcony of your wine barrel overlooking the vineyards?

10. Because it's Pacheca.
Port Wine is part of our DNA, it is part of our history.
The Douro has been our home since 1738 and since then knowledge and experience have been passed on from generations to generations and, combining tradition with innovation, we have been perfecting everything we know with the utmost respect for everything that nature gives us.
Pacheca White Port joined the family in 2006 and Pacheca Pink Port the following year and from then on it has been a great way!

So, do we or do we not have reasons to drink Port Wine in the summer?