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Pacheca Moscatel

Pacheca Moscatel

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Source: Portugal

The Pacheca Moscatel do Douro is obtained from a careful selection of the best grapes of the Douro Moscatel a small portion of the Fifth Pacheca. Which are then fermented slowly at low temperature (16-18 ° C) to interrupt the fermentation by adding brandy wine.
The Pacheca Moscatel do Douro aged in old casks Brown, in the style of an old Port wine presenting with a blondish color. The aroma is very elegant with notes of caramelized pears. The palate is a greedy wine, too fat, glycerin with fresh citrus notes with a final lingering after taste.
It should be served chilled especially as dessert wine.
Keep the bottle to the top in a cool, dry place.

Chemical Analysis:
18,23% vol
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